Ваша корзина пуста

"Partners are important, but choose them wisely".

Partner – a companion and an adherent. This is the only way we understand this word and the whole responsibility that it makes. Partners this is mutual understanding, mutual benefit, mutual assistance, compromise and tolerance.

We accurately observe arrangements, considering interests of all parties. We openly recognize own mistakes, we always tell what we think and we do what we tell.

We are ready to incur new duties and to be responsible for result achievement. Suppliers "SORSO-STR" are more than hundred companies, as from Russia, and from abroad.  Each of them is one of leaders of the market in the segment of the goods or the perspective player.

More than five thousand titles make our assortment and in each commodity group we have tried to collect the most demanded and qualitative products that guarantees to us experience and professionalism of our partners. 

Buyers "SORSO-STR" are pet-shops, veterinary clinics, and nurseries. Monthly we work with two thousand trading organizations across all Russia 

We value each of them and we understand that their well-being –  is also ours. «The client is always right» is the truth for us.