Ваша корзина пуста

"Family ".

"SORSO-STR" is big and solid collective. 240 employees are a united team where everyone knows accurately his own task and where everyone knows that on its result depends the result of all company.

As in any family we store traditions, we respect the experience and we support any undertakings.

We appreciate different opinions and we aspire to the coordinated teamwork. Creating conditions, encouraging personal and professional growth of each employee, we use the saved up knowledge to surpass own achievements. Practice is good, but practice in a combination to the theory is even better, therefore we regularly hold seminars and trainings.

The family is not only everyday life, but also the common holidays and the common rest.

Birthday of an employee and the company, New Year, the international women's day and many other things are an integral part of our life. We are for productive leisure, for positive emotions and good mood. To work and to live together – is more cheerful! Join us!!!