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"It's not prohibited to live the life unlimited!".

Advertizing – the engine of trade and an integral part of our life. Advertizing has different forms and uses different means, but thus has the uniform purposes: attention attraction, interest awakening, and increase in volume of realization.

«СОРСО – СТР» has saved up a wide experience and positive results. We are able to work, both with shops, and with end users.

Exhibitions, seminars, actions are a little part of the big list of publicity which we successfully organize and spend. The exhibition is an excellent way to declare itself to potential clients and partners, to show the products.

We take active part in all leading exhibitions of the pet products and animals on all territory of Russia. 

The seminar is the best form to tell about the goods, its properties and features to the partners and experts. Knowledge of a product and confidence of it are very important for successful sales. The action is the basic form of stimulation of sales.

We regularly carry out actions directed, both on increase in sales products, and at increase in sales in the whole company and sales of our partners.